Zoho meeting room device

We are thrilled to introduce meeting room booking device fully connected to Zoho.

See the Zoho meeting room schedule

Display the Zoho room calendar on the Tapirx device

The device shows current and two upcoming events together with a graphical schedule. In our client administration you can change screen settings and language.
The integration works with Zoho Calendar, Zoho CRM and other Zoho apps.

Instant room booking

Use the Zoho Calendar mobile app

Book the room directly from the Tapirx screen with the Zoho Calendar mobile app. You can simply scan the QR code from the Tapirx device to open the Create an event dialogue in the Zoho mobile app.

With the Zoho calendar mobile app you can create an event in a meeting room using the Tapirx device in just a few clicks.

Book the room from the Tapirx Touch 7.5" screen

With Tapirx Touch 7.5" you can book the Zoho meeting room directly from the screen. After pressing the Book button you will see the list of available time periods. If selected and confirmed the room will be booked.

After successful booking you can also cancel the created booking from the screen by pressing the Cancel button.

We also provide a Check-in functionality. The room will be released if nobody checks-in within a period of time. This can be changed, enabled or disabled in our client administration.

Install in a few steps

Create a resource in Zoho. Allow access to the Tapirx application. Import the resource to our system. Assign it to the Tapirx device and that's it.

You can find more about connecting Zoho to our system here.

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