In this section you will find a tutorial on how to create a resource in Zoho and how to connect a Tapirx device to the calendar of this resource.

Create resource in Zoho

  1. Sign in to Zoho calendar
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the right part of the screen
  3. Select Resource Booking in the top left roll-out menu
  4. Click Manage Resources
  5. Add Branch
  6. Add Room

Allow access to Tapirx device in our client portal

Log in to Tapirx client admin
  1. Log in to the Tapirx user area with your Client admin credentials here
  2. Click on "Client admin" link in the menu
  3. Select "Allow access to calendars"
  4. Click "Allow access"
  5. Sign in with your Zoho user credentials
  6. Confirm access for Tapirx

Import Zoho resources

Now you can import your Zoho resources. Import only those which will use Tapirx devices.
  1. Navigate to: Client admin-> Zoho resources import
  2. Select resources you wish to import to our system

Connecting resource to device

We are almost there. Now you can connect imported resources to your new Tapirx device.
  1. Go back to Client admin
  2. Click on "Device list"
  3. Click on "Menu" and choose "Settings". Here you can choose the resource from the list.
  4. In this dialogue choose "Zoho calendar URL"


Please set up your Tapirx device as written in Setup manual which we have provided to you and your device should start showing calendar. Please allow 5-30 minutes so the device has time to start synchronizing.