Meeting room scheduling

Tapirx is a scheduling device and application designed for office meeting rooms and any other bookable areas.
  • Easy installation
  • Connects to your systems
  • Instant room booking from the screen
The Tapirx solution is designed to make office smarter and more effective and users more satisfied.

Meeting rooms scheduling device - Tapirx
Tapirx is a hardware device and application designed to simplify the use of office resources like meeting rooms.
Tapirx connects to your organization's systems like Office 365, Exchange or Google Workspace and displays schedules of shared resources.
Information displayed:
  • Resource name
  • Current and two upcoming events
  • Scan to book QR code
  • Graphical schedule view with current time
  • Room capacity (on request)
  • Other information (on request)
Your users (employees) can book these shared resources in the way they are used to or they can use the Tapirx iOS or Android app or website.
In our application you can set your office resource options, including capacity and location (building, floor, row).
We also support the option of using your own server within intranet. Please contact us for more information about this feature.

the basics
Technical specifications (Tapirx)
  • Screen: 7.5" e-ink display with 800x480 resolution
  • Dimensions: 195x137x10mm, weight: 280g
  • Case: high-quality ABS
  • Battery: 5900 mAh Li-Po
  • Charging: micro USB
  • Chip: Low-power Wi-Fi chip. 802.11 b/g/n (2,4GHz)
The charging period depends on how often the device refreshes the screen. In our application you can choose a device refresh period of between 5-30 minutes. With a 30-minute refresh period the estimated recharging is once in three years. Please note that distance from the Wi-Fi signal source also significantly affects energy consumption.
You will be provided with 3M Dual Lock circle stickers which you can use to fasten the device on surfaces like glass or wood. A template is enclosed in the delivery package allowing for easy installation of the stickers.

The device
Client admin
In client admin you can manage your resources, locations and devices.
Resources are meeting rooms, workspaces or any other type you need. You can set capacity and location and connect resources to the calendar.
Locations are interpretation of your buildings, floors and rows. By using locations it is easier for the user to find the desired resource.
By using the device list you can manage your devices, e.g. assign them to a resource or change the refresh period.
In client admin you are can also allow access to calendars.
User application
Users can choose from a list of resources and book the desired meeting room or workspace. They can use advanced filtering based on capacity, resource type, location or availability.
Users can also view a list of their bookings via Tapirx.
Please note that booking is only available with Office 365 or Google Workspace/Google calendar. When using another system via iCal(ics) files you can use a QR code to redirect the user to the chosen URL.
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