Step-by-step installation guide

Welcome to the Tapirx installation tutorial. Before we start please make sure you have the client admin login credentials we send to new clients and at least one Tapirx device ready.
  1. Log in to client admin
    1. Log-in to user area with your Client admin credentials here
    2. Click on "Client admin" link in menu
  2. Adding your first location
    Locations are interpretation of your buildings, floors and rows. With locations it is easier for user to find desired resource.
    1. Click on "Locations"
    2. Click on "Add building", insert building name and click "Add"
    3. In the Buildings table click on building name
    4. Click on "Add floor", insert floor name and click "Add"
    5. If you wish to be more precise you can also add row. This is used mainly for workspaces (desks) in openspace offices
  3. Adding your first resource
    Resources are meeting rooms, workspaces or any other types which you need.
    1. Go back to Client admin
    2. Click on "Resources"
    3. Click on "Add resource", choose resource type, set capacity, provide resource name (Eg. Meeting room 1) and click "Add"
    4. Click on "Menu" and choose "Set location". Here you assign resource to location created in previous step.
  4. Connecting to calendar
    Now it is time to connect to calendar. Please follow the steps for your service.

    iCal File (ics)
    Google Workspace / Google Calendar
    Microsoft 365
  5. Connecting calendar to resource
    Once you have room email or url of calendar resource you can assign it to resource created in previous step.
    1. Go back to Client admin
    2. Click on "Resources"
    3. Click on "Menu" and choose "Connect to calendar". Here you assign calendar to resource.
  6. Connecting resource to device
    We are almost there. Now you can connect resource to device.
    1. Go back to Client admin
    2. Click on "Device list"
    3. Click on "Setup" and choose "Settings". Here you choose resource from the list.
  7. Done
    Your device should start showing calendar. Please allow 5-30 minutes so the device has time to start synchronizing.