Nexudus installation guide

Welcome to the Nexudus installation guide. Before we start please make sure you have the Tapirx Client admin login credentials we send to new clients and at least one Tapirx device ready.

Nexudus Platform

Connecting Nexudus to Tapirx
For connecting Nexudus to Tapirx system please follow the steps here
Working with Nexudus resources
In the Nexudus Platform you can manage your Booking resources or Hot desks. Please log in to the Nexudus Platform here: The steps below will help you to create Booking resources or Hot desks in the Nexudus platform. If you already have them, you can skip this step.
Creating Booking resource
  1. You can create Booking resource by navigating to: Inventory->Booking resource->Add resource
Creating Hot desks
  1. First you need to create a Booking resource: Inventory->Booking resource->Add resource Eg. "Second floor hot desking area 1"
  2. Create one or more Hot desks: Inventory->Floor Plans->Select floor plan->+ Hot desk
  3. Hot desks need to be assigned to this booking resource Inventory->Desks and Offices->Choose your new Hot desks (use checkboxes on left side)->Bulk actions->Connect to resource

Tapirx Client admin

  1. Log in to Tapirx Client admin
    1. Log-in to the user area with your Tapirx Client admin credentials here
    2. Click on "Client admin" link in menu
  2. Import Nexudus resources
    Now you can import your Nexudus Booking resources or Hot desks. Import only those which will use Tapirx devices.
    1. Navigate to: Client admin-> Nexudus import
    2. Import Booking resources
      1. Select Booking resources you wish to import to our system
    3. Import Hot desks
      1. Choose Nexudus Floor plan->select Hot desks you wish to import to our system
  3. Connecting resource to device
    We are almost there. Now you can connect imported Booking resources or Hot desks to your new Tapirx device.
    1. Go back to Client admin
    2. Click on "Device list"
    3. Click on "Menu" and choose "Settings". Here you can choose Booking resource or Hot desk from the list.
    4. In this dialogue choose "Scan to book URL"
  4. Done
    Please set up your Tapirx device as written in Setup manual which we have provided to you and your device should start showing calendar. Please allow 5-30 minutes so the device has time to start synchronizing.