In this section you can find information on how to manage your Tapirx devices. Devices in this list are added by us once they are shipped to you. Each device is marked with its own ID.

Log in to client admin

  • Log in to the user area with your client admin credentials here
  • Click on the "Client admin" link in menu
  • Select "Device list"

Device settings

Choose the device from the list and click on "Menu" and then "Settings"
Here you assign a device to a resource. Please select the resource from the list.
Refresh period
The refresh period determines how often your device's screen will be refreshed with the latest data. Please note that with frequent refreshes you will have to charge the device more often.
QR code URL
This is set automatically if you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace / Google Calendar. In case of iCal File (ics) you can use any URL which you want to be displayed on screen as a QR code.


Tapirx devices contain a high capacity li-po battery. With standard usage the device should work for around one year on one charge. Once the battery is no longer charged you will be notified by email and via an indication on the screen.